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Swing Migration has revolutionized the way you can work. It is a process to accomplish a version upgrade, server replacement or domain infrastructure upgrade without giving up the domain, or the server name, or the integrity of your Exchange in the process. You can test the project to completion all while working offline with an open time line. You get a clean server installation that retains all the critical Active Directory and domain information.


Upgrading Your Microsoft Small Business Server ?

When the time comes to upgrade your Microsoft Small Business Server, it doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. Many small businesses are put off from moving forward from old unreliable hardware with out of date server operating systems, to a more up to date stable platform because of fears  relating to business disruption ,  drawn out costly installation procedures and even data loss.


Beech I.T. Solutions Limited use a Swing Migration  process to transfer all of your old server settings and data to your new server with it’s updated operating system already in place. Essentialy moving the "identity" of the server to new hardware without letting the desktop know that anything has changed.  The majority of the work is carried out off site,while your old server is still functioning



Of course the length of time it takes and the cost depends on several different factors, the number of users, the size of the mailstore etc, but an average 30 - 50 user SBS migration starts on a Friday evening and the new server is in place and running by  Sunday evening. The only interruption to your business will be the delivery of emails over that weekend period. When the users arrive on Monday morning, they will probably not even be aware that the server has been upgraded..